TV & Movie Productions

Our Museum has one of the most Historically accurate recreations of a Military Encampment of the 1880s through 1890’s period that you will encounter, which shows a young expanding frontier and how, out of very little, we made such great advancements. In our endeavor to bring an awareness of the historical significance of our American Military to the public we have been involved in  various forms of media i.e.: displays and demonstrations at special events (see our special events page), historical television productions, or motion pictures depicting this era.

Some of our credits include:

  • Consultation on the remake of the “Wild, Wild West” movie using Gatling Guns.
  • Use of some of our equipment in the “Rough Riders” movie by Turner productions.
  • History Channel Episodes of “Wild West Tech”

Below, David Carradine hosting the Wild West Tech episode of “Biggest Machines in the West” featuring our 37mm Revolving Cannon as the super-sized weapon of it’s time.


Below, History Channel Episode of Wild West Tech featuring David Carradine and our “Digger” Machine Gun showing it’s technology and depicting the story of the Striking Minors in 1914 know as the Ludlow Massacre.


Below, History Channel “Massacres” Episode of Wild West Tech featuring Keith Carradine and our 1.65 Mountain Gun (Wounded Knee Massacre)


The Museum has other artifacts not related to the time span of Civil War through Spanish American War that have also been used in Television and Motion Pictures — shown Below
History Channel “AutoManiac” episode of Cop Cars featuring WWE Superstar Bob Goldberg as host and our 1915 Model T Police Vehicle