Restoration Vehicles

Restoration Policy
Restoration is considered to be work other than conservation or maintenance. The purpose of a restoration is to return an object to a specific configuration and appearance, which it had at some point during its initial career in operation.

FTM dedicates many of its restoration or preservation resources to all of its collections of Antique Artifacts. Many of our artifacts are received in poor condition. We determine whether they need to be fully restored, preserved, or just maintenance to maintain their integrity. The same care is taken to preserve their originality and authenticity as with our Artillery.

Below you can view samples of some of the VEHICLES that have been restored.

All donated or acquired artifacts for the museum will be evaluated for conservation, maintenance or restoration needed and will be handled by the Museums policies for care and restoration.

WC21 Weapons Carrier


1943 Studebaker M29 Weasel
Restoration in Progress