Restoration Artillery

Restoration Policy
Restoration is considered to be work other than conservation or maintenance. The purpose of a restoration is to return an object to a specific configuration and appearance, which it had at some point during its initial career in operation.

Many museums display their items in their original artifact condition. The FTM staff is continually restoring neglected antique artillery pieces that are in dire need of restoration. Here you can view some of our restoration projects in their progress from beginning to completion.

These projects require countless hours of painstaking research and labor. With the ultimate result being an accurately restored, original, "arsenal" specimen.

We have also acquired other specimens and artifacts that need restoration, and the same care is taken to preserve their originality and authenticity.

All donated or acquired artifacts for the museum will be evaluated for conservation, maintenance or restoration needed and will be handled by the Museums policies for care and restoration.

3.2 Field Gun


37mm Hotchkiss